Quantum Money Magic


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Close your eyes and dream

  • You're earning a ton of money, dream clients and opportunities come to you left and right, and everything you've ever wanted is yours. 
  • That big dream that you've had in the back of your head?  The one so big you've never even written it down?  You're on track to hit it.  Ahead of schedule.
  • You wake up every day, excited about your business because you’re hitting the goals you dreamed about, having the impact you’d hoped to have, and dreaming even bigger.  It happened quicker than you imagined, and it’s even more rewarding than you dreamed.
  • Your mornings are yours.  You leisurely sip your morning coffee, because you've designed your days to be in flow.  No meetings until after lunch, no meetings at all on Fridays. You decide how to spend your time because as a seven figure CEO, you know your zone of genius.  Your team handles everything else to ensure you are making money even when you're on vacation.
  • You've broken through that revenue ceiling that seemed impossible to break through.  And then just a few months after that you broke through the next one. Everything in your business has accelerated.  You’ve tapped into your inner guidance and know exactly what to do.
  • Your relationship with money has transformed.  You know money is a beautiful resource and tool that you can use to do amazing things.  It’s always flowing to you and you feel confident receiving (and charging!) large amounts of money.
  • You're absolutely giddy every time you look at your bank account, and love to dream about all the amazing experiences that abundance will bring to you.


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Imagine how it would feel to...

  • Finally be making the money and impact you know you are meant to make, and feeling really good doing it
  • Dance with joy at the end of every month, celebrating surpassing your crazy revenue goal again, knowing the goals that used to seem crazy are now on your horizon
  • Finally have time to make yourself a priority, scheduling in that massage and personal trainer that help you function at your best
  • Bumps in the road are just that, bumps, and you navigate them with ease
  • Enjoy your wealth and spend it with grace, no more guilt ridden spending, you are in the flow with money
  • Splurge on that trip you've always wanted to take, booking a five star hotel and finding the best restaurants
  • Watch your screen time drop since you're no longer frantically checking social media to see if any new potential clients have reached out
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You've built a six figure business, now it's time to take it to the next level.

It's time to accelerate your results.

It's time for a quantum leap.


Quantum Money Magic

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A 3 or 6 month premium 1:1 coaching program where you’ll dissolve your limiting beliefs and growth blocks, become an energetic match for your desires, and tap into the wealthiest, most successful version of you so money and opportunities flow to you every day.

Are you ready to step into the wealthiest, most abundant version of you?


This isn't your average one on one mindset coaching program.  Things move fast for my clients.  Are you ready to accelerate?

In the work I've done with my clients I've found that clearing limiting beliefs is only the first step.  Yes we'll be reprogramming your subconscious, but that's only the beginning.  

Do you have a big dream for your life, business, and impact?  You likely have the strategy and tactics necessary, but without the mindset, identity, and beliefs of the leader who has that dream life, you can't get there from here.  Strategy is meaningless with the wrong energy behind it. You'll need to shift, expand, and believe that that level of success can be yours.

During our time together we'll massively upgrade your money mindset, raise your wealth frequency, and expand your ability to generate and receive money.  You'll embody wealth and success so that you can take action as your next level self and collapse time.  You'll emerge feeling empowered, supported, and fully aligned with your vision. 

You'll look around and realize that not only has your business transformed, but you're living your dream life.  And that might be even better than breaking through that revenue goal.

Ready to swim in money? Book a call now

Here's the process we'll go through


We clear the blocks and reprogram your subconscious with high level wealth and success codes. Without those blocks, you'll be swimming in money and opportunities. Money making opportunities will drop in and you'll know exactly how to use them.


We activate your Seven Figure Identity. No more worrying if you can play at this level, or if last month was a fluke. No more focusing on what you should do, know your zone of genius and confidently take the aligned action you need to grow and scale your business. 


We expand your Wealth Blueprint so that when the big months come in, your nervous system handles it like a boss! No more freak outs, only celebrations. You'll notice larger amounts of money flow to you, and stay with you. No more easy come, easy go.


Here are results from my clients

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"Using the amazing NLP techniques, she was able to help me breakthrough some generational money blocks ... blocks that I didn't even know that I had.  Since my session with her, I booked a private client for $20k."

Andrea Michel

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"There were many powerful moments, but I think the one item that really was transformative was uncovering my "money story". I had heard that concept before but never really knew mine. Once I learned that and it was released I was shocked at how many opportunities just "magically" showed up. That whole concept of it comes SO fast is actually a real thing! "

Rebecca Metz


Here's how it all shakes out...

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Breakthrough Session

We'll start our journey with an 2 hour intensive, deep transformation.

A breakthrough session is a super-charged intensive coaching session, designed to create the momentum needed to bring your big dreams to life even faster. We begin by digging in to uncover your money story, and illuminate the issues and patterns holding you back from being the CEO you desire to be. Once we identify what's holding you back, we release those blocks.  We end by anchoring in your upleveled identity and goals, to program your subconscious for success and wealth.

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Uncover | Envision | Release | Expand

Intense, personal growth

We'll continue to clear out money and success blocks, those upper limit patterns around your time, success, and business that create self sabotage and keep you stuck.  You'll get clarity on your dream life as you tap into the wealthiest version of you.  You'll expand your wealth capacity as we raise your energetic minimum and maximum, and tap into the frequency of overflow so your body sees more money as safe.  You'll have a clear vision for the future, and ways to collapse time to bring that vision to life faster.  The goal is to accelerate your dreams. Your subconscious will be recoded for higher levels of wealth, success, happiness, and abundance.  This includes twice monthly 60 minute one on one Zoom calls. 

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Quantum Support

When you go through deep transformation, you need quantum support so you can continue to rise to new levels in your life and business. 

Here's what you get:

  • Access to a library of meditations, hypnosis, and subliminal audios to anchor a new level wealth and belief 
  • Voxer support to help you integrate and process the shifts
  • Distance reiki sessions to support you as you shift into the wealthiest version of you

Your Investment Is:

The 3 month Quantum Money Magic program is currently $4,000. The 6 month program is currently $7,000. Payment plans are available.  

Ready to have money and clients flowing to you every day?  Book a Discovery call now.  We'll discuss your goals and dreams, your business and what's blocking you.  If we're a good match to work together, and I believe this program can help you, I'll invite you in to Quantum Money Magic.

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Hey there, I'm Erin.

I'm a Money Mindset & Manifestation Coach.  I help driven entrepreneurs harnass the power of their subconscious mind so they can build a business and a life where money and opportunities are flowing their way, and magic and miracles are everyday occurrences

Years ago I started a personal development journey when I realized that I felt stuck, even though I had what seemed to be a great life.  Since all of my dreams seemed to require more money, I dug into my money mindset. I changed my beliefs around money and went from just surviving, to thriving on my dream horse farm with a seven figure net worth.

Through that journey I found so many tools that resonated - meditation, hypnosis, NLP, manifestation. As a Master NLP Practitioner & Hypnotherapist,  I bring all of those tools to my clients, to create fast change at the subconscious level. 


Good, because there's something I need to tell you.

You know you weren't meant to live a mediocre life.  You know you're meant to live the life you see when you close your eyes.

And deep down you know that what got you here, won't get you there.  

It's time to do the work, change what isn't serving you, and live the life of your dreams.

It's worth it, believe me.

You've built a six figure business, now it's time to take it to the next level. It's time to accelerate your results. It's time for a quantum leap.

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You are so ready for this journey.

You're ready for a business filled with ease and joy, a business you're obsessed with because it's so much fun. 

Filled with gratitude because you didn't know it could be this good, and you know it's going to get even better.

Where money and opportunities just show up, magically, because that's your energy.