Modern Manifesting

The Four Keys to Unlocking a Magical Life

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A Two Hour Online Masterclass where you’ll learn the four keys to becoming a powerful manifestor and unlocking a magical life!

Take a moment to visualize this with me

You sip your morning coffee on your balcony overlooking the ocean.

You check your investment account, smiling as you see the balance has doubled again.

You meet with yet another dream client, celebrating another record breaking month in your business.

If you're ready for more moments like this - more joy, more happiness, more money - then it's time to breathe life into your dreams!

We're here to help you take the mystery out of the Law of Attraction and manifesting, so that your vision board becomes your reality.

Manifesting is simple, but it often doesn't feel easy.  So many people try to hustle their way towards their goals, not realizing that so many of the things they're doing are actually blocking them from their goals!  We're here to help you break that cycle.

In this workshop, you'll learn the four keys to modern manifesting, and leave with a step by step process to become a powerful manifestor. 

What You'll Learn

This two hour online masterclass will provide the steps and guidance for you to dream big and bring that dream to life.

  • We’ll walk through the Four Keys to unlocking the magic of manifesting, along with real life examples of how to use them.
  • How to get clarity when you're feeling stuck or blocked, how to break down the beliefs blocking you, and ways to energetically align yourself with the vision you're manifesting.
  • You'll you the masterclass, a guided meditation, hypnosis, journal prompts, and a workbook that you can come back to over and over.  
  • Real life stories, tips, tricks, hacks, and things to avoid!


Enroll today in the masterclass and you'll have life time access to all recordings, so you can revisit the material whenever you need to!

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Meet Your Instructors

Erin Krohn

Erin Krohn is a Money Mindset & Manifestation Coach.  She helps high achievers wake up their dreams and open the road to an expansive life, where money and opportunities are flowing their way, and magic and miracles are everyday occurrences

Years ago Erin started a personal development journey after realizing she wasn't loving her life.  Through that journey she found so many tools that resonated - meditation, hypnosis, NLP, Law of Attraction. Now she brings all of those tools to her clients, to create change fast at the subconscious level. 

Michele Thomas

Michele Thomas is a medical intuitive, energy healer, psychic medium and transformational expert with Radiant Living. She works with women who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Assisting them to identify, clear and release fear, guilt, shame and frustration with their bodies, allowing them to love and accept themselves fully, exactly as they are. She teaches her clients how to release their limiting beliefs, blocks and cords that are keeping them stuck in their mediocre lives.  Nurturing her clients to step fully into the radiant life they deserve.


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