5 Reasons You Should Meditate Every Day

meditation Mar 01, 2021

Three years ago I did a goal setting challenge. Little did I know, much of the challenge was about mindset! One of pieces of homework was to do a future self meditation. I'd heard of meditation, but definitely didn't understand it AT ALL. Like not even a little. I had such a cliche view of meditation and what it was. But, I did this future self meditation and was immediately hooked! And that started my meditation journey!

In the beginning, I meditated every day to a meditation on the Insight Timer app. This is such a great place to start! All the meditations are free, and you can find one for just about anything. I also love that it tracks your meditations, so you can build up a streak of meditating every day. (Which helps build the habit!)

Back then, my kids were younger and I yelled a lot. As kids do, they spilled things, they left their messes, and they were slow to do what I asked. My go to was to yell. In my mind, that was the only time they listened, so that's what I did. At...

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6 Things I Do To Work on my Money Mindset!

Working on your money mindset is a lot like going to the gym. Do you have to do it every day? No. But if you do, your results are going to be more noticeable.

I make an effort to work on my mindset every day. I remember when I first started this journey I would hear about all the mindset things people would do and I would think "How do you find the time?!" If that's what you're thinking as you read this email, know the struggle is real! The truth is, I sprinkle them in throughout my day. They are a part of my routine now.

I know others who wake up at 5am and that is their time to focus on them, their mindset, and their dreams. I love that, and even though I'm a morning person, 5am is not an hour I love to see, so I sprinkle.

Here are the 6 things I do (just about) every day to work on my money mindset.

  1. Meditation. I'm a meditater. I love it, it brings me peace, it brings me clarity, it feeds my soul! I love to start my day with meditation, so I meditate as soon as I wake up. When...
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