5 Reasons You Should Meditate Every Day

meditation Mar 01, 2021

Three years ago I did a goal setting challenge. Little did I know, much of the challenge was about mindset! One of pieces of homework was to do a future self meditation. I'd heard of meditation, but definitely didn't understand it AT ALL. Like not even a little. I had such a cliche view of meditation and what it was. But, I did this future self meditation and was immediately hooked! And that started my meditation journey!

In the beginning, I meditated every day to a meditation on the Insight Timer app. This is such a great place to start! All the meditations are free, and you can find one for just about anything. I also love that it tracks your meditations, so you can build up a streak of meditating every day. (Which helps build the habit!)

Back then, my kids were younger and I yelled a lot. As kids do, they spilled things, they left their messes, and they were slow to do what I asked. My go to was to yell. In my mind, that was the only time they listened, so that's what I did. At some point I realized I was yelling a lot less. I chalked it up to my kids getting older, but then I realized that they were still making messes and procrastinating, but now, I was responding differently.


Meditation had changed the game for me around stress and my stress response. That was when I was forever hooked!

If that story isn't enough to get you meditating, how about five amazing reasons why you should meditate?

  1. Meditation lowers your stress response. When your brain perceives danger, it's the amygdala's job to send out a distress signal (adrenaline and cortisol). The more frequently you're in stressful situations, the less the amygdala is able to manage these situations. Instead, it immediately goes into stress mode. Here's the amazing part. Meditation reverses that! It reprograms your brain to allow it to manage your emotions better. This is how I was able to remain calm, even when my kids spilled an entire jug of milk on the floor. Pretty amazing, right?
  2. Meditation slows aging. Meditation allows for more blood to flow to the brain, which in turn helps your brain function better. This increases your memory, and your brain's neuroplasticity (the ability to rebuild pathways). In a study, the brains of people who meditate at age 50 were found to be 7.5 years younger!
  3. Meditation improves your concentration. More blood flowing through your brain helps this, but so does the fact that when we meditate, we learn to dismiss distracting thoughts. Studies have shown that the more you meditate, the better you are at concentrating!
  4. Meditation connects you with your intuition. I spent a lot of my early years dismissing the voice inside me, never trusting my gut. Meditation quiets the other voices, and connects you back to your own. It's helped me stop looking to others for approval or confirmation, and instead look inside myself for answers.
  5. You feel happier. Meditation lowers your stress response, which will naturally increase your positive emotions. But, it's also been shown to increase production of seratonin and dopamine, both of which play a large role in controlling your moods. Overall, you're more connected to yourself, your stress is lower, and that comes through as joy and happiness!

Meditation is a daily habit for me, and something I recommend for everyone. You don't have to meditate for hours to get the benefits, just 10 minutes a day is all you need. Remember, 10 minutes every day is better than 60 minutes once a week. Any daily meditation is better than none!

Plus, if you're looking to change, that often starts with getting quiet and becoming aware of what emotions are coming up. Meditation is the perfect way to do that.

Insight Timer is a great place to start or, if you're looking to expand, there are memberships that offer meditation. I have a few friends that have memberships with some amazing meditations in them if you're looking for ideas. Bonus with a membership, is that you often find your community as well!


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