It's Time to Let Go

When we first started riding lessons over four years ago, we were all drawn to the rolling hills, the trees, the open space of the country.  Back then it was a pipe dream.  I loved living in the city, and even if we wanted to move to the country, I assumed we wouldn't be able to afford a farm in the country.

As we started getting more serious about buying a farm and I started looking at properties seriously, everything was out of our price range.  I did the math on how I would pay the mortgage and came up short every time.  

I widened the search, looked in areas I didn't really want to move to, and waited.  

But I was stuck in the How.

How would we pay for the farm?

How would I be able to do the work a farm requires, commute 30+ minutes into the city every day, and raise two kids?

How would I take care of all the buildings?

I thought that I would have to get my business up and running to a point that it could not only replace the salary from my corporate job but well exceed it.  That would allow us to afford a larger mortgage, and allow me to quit my day job.  But then how would I get a mortgage if I was newly self employed?

It all seemed out of reach.  Too many dependencies, too many things that had to fall into place.  I couldn't see it happening.

I swirled and swirled in that loop for months.  And months.

I was so caught up in how it would all happen, that my belief disintegrated.  

Finally, I took a step back and put the farm on the back burner.  I told the kids we needed to put that dream on hold for a year.

A week later, I got an email from the realtor website.  I had saved a search so I would be notified of any new listings. 

(This is my biggest piece of advice for anyone looking for a specific property.  Set up a search so the listings come to you!)

It was a farm.  In our price range.  In the area I wanted.  A decent house, what looked like a nice barn with horse stalls, and fenced pastures.  Unicorn?  There must be something wrong with it.  I messaged my realtor and asked to go see it.

As we walked through the barn I was intrigued.  This could work.  We walked through the house cautiously.  The layout was a bit odd, but felt like it could work. 

Wait, could this actually work?!

Spoiler alert, it did work.  

In the end, the universe brought together elements that in my wildest mind I couldn't have thought of.

I had clarity on what I wanted and why I wanted to move my family to the country.  The universe completely handled the how and when.

Interest rates were so low, the mortgage payment would only be a few hundred dollars more than our current house.

The housing market was bonkers, and my house sold for tens of thousands more than I ever dreamed it could.  That money allowed us to make the improvements on the house that took it from odd to perfect.

It's a pandemic, so I'm working from home full time.  No commute.  I have all the flexibility I need in my day to get everything done.

And, my parents decided to move to the small town ten minutes away.  The farm we bought is small enough that I could take care of things on my own, but having my parents close in the summer months has been a huge help, and really fun.

All those things I just listed?  Never ever crossed my mind as possibilities when I was focused on how I would make this happen.  But when I stepped back and handed it over to the universe, it surprised me in ways I never could have imagined.

Yesterday I went out to see the horses in the middle of the day.  I hugged Gunner, and he laid his head across my back and hugged me back.  I stood there and thought This is everything

I'm betting you have a dream, and maybe you're struggling in getting there.  Maybe you're stuck in the how, just like I was. 

Getting you unstuck, moving you to faith and belief, handing it over to the universe, that's what I do in my six month coaching program

We clear out your money blocks, get clarity, and work through the process of letting go.  It's a process.  More money blocks will come up, and we'll clear those too. I give you tools to help you hold that belief, and we reprogram you subconscious to shift you to an abundant mindset, so you see the opportunities all around you.

That dream you have.  Something is holding you back, isn't it?  Let's clear those obstacles out, so you have a clear path towards your dreams!

I'd love to hear about your dream, and talk about if we're a good fit to work together.  

I know how lonely it can be to walk this path alone.  To get frustrated, to think it's never going to happen.  Please know, I'm here for you!






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