Is your relationship with money holding you back?

Someone came to me recently and asked if I could help them manage their money better. They'd always had challenges with their finances, and 2021 was going to be the year that money didn't hold them back.

Could I help them build a budget? Sure.

Is a budget their problem?


The problem is the limiting beliefs they have around money. The stories from their childhood, the patterns that happen over and over again. Most people aren't aware of them, or if they are, they don't realize just how much those money blocks are holding them back!

In talking to this person they told me when they were a child, their dad would make them feel guilty if they ever asked for money.


Guilt around asking for money. I'm not worthy of receiving money. I don't deserve this money.

Can you see how those emotions and beliefs would affect the actions you take? It will affect everything from asking for money for your services, raising your prices, and getting paid!

We all have limiting beliefs around money. Whether it's around if we feel worthy of receiving, if we think a good job is the only way to be successful, or if we think rich people are greedy. Those beliefs, even if we picked them up as kids, affect us.

Many people try to out hustle their limiting beliefs. If they can just work harder, they'll be deserving!

That doesn't work.

What does work? Clearing them.

Can you do this on your own? You can. But, I've worked with many women who have cleared their own limiting beliefs, and all of them have been surprised at what they've cleared when !

There are a lot of ways to clear limiting beliefs. I use a specific technique that utilizes your subconscious to clear the root event that caused the belief. You can clear other significant events, but if you don't go back to that first event, you haven't really cleared it.

Once it's gone, you'll be amazed at how things change! Without that belief dragging you down, you'll take different actions. You'll make different choices. You won't sabotage yourself.

The game will change.

Are you ready for 2022 to be your game changing year?

and see if I can help you get there!


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