Changing Your Momentum

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2021

When the movie The Secret came out, I ignored it. I didn't really understand it, and no one around me was interested so I just wrote it off as not real.

Luckily, the Law of Attraction and manifestation came into my life again a few years ago. These principles have been KEY in buying our dream horse, our dream horse farm, and so many other things

One of the things I love about the Law of Attraction is that it allows you to really get momentum going. If things are going well, you're going to attract more good things and you'll keep that going. That's the momentum we love! But, if you're in a funk and you're not feeling great, that momentum isn't exactly what you want. Who has had a bad day that just keeps getting worse?

Once you have that energy where things just don't seem to go right, you don't believe your dreams are going to happen, you're absolutely sure you should burn everything to the ground, how do you get out of it?

I kind of love digging into that, because when you're flying high and feeling super high vibe, that's easy to maintain.

But when you feel like nothing is going right and your dreams are impossible and you're overwhelmed? Well, that's also easy to maintain, but that's not where we want to stay. So how do you get out of it?


Here are some of the things in my toolbox that I use.

First, I remind myself that this is only temporary. This doesn't have to be my forever.

This may be how I'm feeling right now, but it doesn't have to be how I'll feel in a day, an hour, or a minute.

I can choose another thought. I can do something to change my energy.


Let's take it a step further though. How do you change your energy?

My go to is sleep. I know, it's genius right?! Sleep stops your momentum. When you wake up, you can start the day with new thoughts. Whatever was running through your mind the day before is left behind. To ensure this, I start my day with a morning meditation on wealth and abundance, so that no matter how the previous day went, my new day starts the way I want it to. (I also make sure to cut cords before I fall asleep, just to make sure nothing tags along to the next day).

My next go to is exercise. Some days it's a walk outside, other days it's a run on the treadmill, last week I mucked out the barn. For me, exercising and moving my body gives me something else to focus on. There are plenty of times I'll go for a run and use that as time to visualize my wildest desires, but there are other times when I use the time to just stop thinking about anything else other than the next step. The point is to be intentional about it.

The other choice is meditation, which is a tool I use every day, sometimes multiple times a day. Meditation is similar to exercise in that when you quiet your mind, you pause your thoughts. This pause gives your brain a moment to allow a better thought in. Sometimes that moment is all you need to feel a little better. If you meditate every day, those moments build and you can shift your thoughts bit by bit.


Our thoughts are incredibly powerful. I love to feel good as much as I can, but we're human, feelings happen. We get overwhelmed, we wobble, things throw us off. It's important to have ways to get up out of that, and to change our energy. But we can also sit with those feelings and see what they're trying to show us. Yes I try to change my energy, but I also take a look around at what I need to clean up. Am I taking care of myself? Am I recognizing and celebrating how far I've come? What beliefs are glaringly obvious that need to be released? And remember that after the breakdown comes the breakthrough. Your shining moment is coming. It's on its way.


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