3 Ways You're Blocking Money from Coming To You

Uncategorized Aug 18, 2021

If you're struggling to bring in money, and finally want to break through that dam so that you're swimming in it, keep reading. Because it's time to light these excuses on fire so you can blaze a path to your success!⁠

Raise your hand if you've been guilty of saying these. I totally get it. We've heard most of these over and over, now they're just automatic. But you can change that!⁠

1. I don't have time.

Stop saying you don't have time. If you want more clients but you have a full calendar, guess what? The universe will send them somewhere else. The other side of this that I see all the time is when you don't take action (inspired or otherwise) because you are so busy. Busy isn't a badge of honor, and it isn't the way to seven figures. Clear what doesn't need to be there, delegate what you can, and practice saying I have all the time I need.⁠

2. Money doesn't grow on trees.

Money actually does grow on trees, you just need to be looking for it. But, you can't see opportunities when you're busy looking for the struggle. Open yourself up to the possibilities and allow. If you believe it's hard to get money, it will be. Instead, believe that money flows to you in expected and unexpected ways every day!⁠ 

3. I need to make $10k this month.

Don't be the person in the bar who's desperate for a date. Your energy is everything. Neediness is dense, it's stressful, it repels. Desire has depth, it has feeling, it tingles your senses, it attracts. Feel into what $10k would bring to you. Embody it! Feel the impact that would mean for you and for your clients. What would you do with that money? How would you celebrate it?⁠

All three of these are about stepping into abundance, stepping into your power and opening up to what's flowing your way. Those things are key to quantum leaps.⁠ Strategy and energy go hand in hand. When you have the strategy, but it isn't aligned with your beliefs, it won't work. When your energy is grounded in lack and scarcity, abundance will flow elsewhere.

This is what I work with my clients on in . Releasing blocks like these change the game. If you're an entrepreneur looking to blaze your way to the next level, let's talk! ⁠


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