Changing Your Momentum

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2021

When the movie The Secret came out, I ignored it. I didn't really understand it, and no one around me was interested so I just wrote it off as not real.

Luckily, the Law of Attraction and manifestation came into my life again a few years ago. These principles have been KEY in buying our dream horse, our dream horse farm, and so many other things

One of the things I love about the Law of Attraction is that it allows you to really get momentum going. If things are going well, you're going to attract more good things and you'll keep that going. That's the momentum we love! But, if you're in a funk and you're not feeling great, that momentum isn't exactly what you want. Who has had a bad day that just keeps getting worse?

Once you have that energy where things just don't seem to go right, you don't believe your dreams are going to happen, you're absolutely sure you should burn everything to the ground, how do you get out of it?

I kind of love digging into that, because when you're...

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It's Never Really About the Money

Uncategorized Oct 29, 2021

Tell me, what’s going on in your life right now?

I love talking to women about their dreams and goals. I love how their faces come alive as they talk about them, and how excited and passionate they are. You can feel the energy change when someone tells you about their dream.

What's your big dream?

Do you want to spend more time with your kids? Do you want to travel more? (Bali is on my list!) Do you want to grow your business? Or maybe start one? Is there a dream vacation house out there waiting for you?

Years ago I had big dreams. But when I thought about them, money was always standing in the way. We could take that trip to Hawaii if only I had the money to do it. We could move to our dream hobby farm if only I had the money to pay that big of a mortgage. I could buy another horse if only I had the money coming in to pay for boarding.

I’m a money mindset coach, but I’ll be the first to tell you when it’s about money, it’s never about money.

For me,...

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Upper Limits and One Hit Wonders

Uncategorized Oct 28, 2021

Money. So many of us want more of it in our life, but when it shows up, we just don't know what to do with it. We weren't taught those things in school or by our parents, and often times we don't have others around us to model anything after.

And, we often think that now that we've hit our goal, things will get easier, but somehow that's not what's happening!

I remember early in my entrepreneur days, I hit a goal that was THE goal I'd been chasing for ages. Finally! I'd done it! Was I excited and celebrating? No. I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. I assumed one would cancel (she did) and waited for it to all fall apart.

Now, I know that issue of waiting for the other shoe to drop is super common. With every new level, with every upper limit you come up against, new money and success blocks pop up.

How do they show up? Tell me if any of these statements resonate.

You've built your business and are having success, but money still feels like an adversary.

You have a great...

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The Key to Unlocking Wealth

Uncategorized Oct 27, 2021

Every year at annual review time, I remember being so hopeful, so desperate for a big raise. Some years it came, some years it didn’t. When it didn’t, I was deflated, and mentally recalibrated my budget. Pushed out my dreams a bit more.

I hated that feeling of having my financial future in someone else’s hands.

My financial future always seemed out of my control.  

Here’s what I didn’t know back then.

The key to unlocking wealth lies within you, within your energy. All the power is inside you.

The power to receive more money is in YOU.

The power to live your wealthiest life is in YOU.

Wealth comes from within first.

You embody it, you decide, you breathe it in. Then, wealth shows up in all its forms.

Whether or not you live your wealthiest life isn’t up to someone else.

You don’t have to hope that the money comes in from somewhere else.

You have the power to expand into the energy of wealth. To call it to you. To attract...

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3 Ways You're Blocking Money from Coming To You

Uncategorized Aug 18, 2021

If you're struggling to bring in money, and finally want to break through that dam so that you're swimming in it, keep reading. Because it's time to light these excuses on fire so you can blaze a path to your success!

Raise your hand if you've been guilty of saying these. I totally get it. We've heard most of these over and over, now they're just automatic. But you can change that!

1. I don't have time.

Stop saying you don't have time. If you want more clients but you have a full calendar, guess what? The universe will send them somewhere else. The other side of this that I see all the time is when you don't take action (inspired or otherwise) because you are so busy. Busy isn't a badge of honor, and it isn't the way to seven figures. Clear what doesn't need to be there, delegate what you can, and practice saying I have all the time I need.

2. Money doesn't grow on trees.

Money actually does grow on trees, you just need to be looking for it. But, you can't see...

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5 Reasons You Should Meditate Every Day

meditation Mar 01, 2021

Three years ago I did a goal setting challenge. Little did I know, much of the challenge was about mindset! One of pieces of homework was to do a future self meditation. I'd heard of meditation, but definitely didn't understand it AT ALL. Like not even a little. I had such a cliche view of meditation and what it was. But, I did this future self meditation and was immediately hooked! And that started my meditation journey!

In the beginning, I meditated every day to a meditation on the Insight Timer app. This is such a great place to start! All the meditations are free, and you can find one for just about anything. I also love that it tracks your meditations, so you can build up a streak of meditating every day. (Which helps build the habit!)

Back then, my kids were younger and I yelled a lot. As kids do, they spilled things, they left their messes, and they were slow to do what I asked. My go to was to yell. In my mind, that was the only time they listened, so that's what I did. At...

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Making those impossible dreams feel possible

So often, we have these big, crazy dreams.  You know they're out there, you know you're meant for them, but believing what you want is coming can feel impossible.  You meditate, you visualize, but it all feels out of reach.


This is common, but what can you do about it?


The most powerful part of your mind is your subconscious.  Every emotion we feel, every action we take or don’t take, every belief we have is because our subconscious is trying to keep us safe.


Unfortunately, that version of safe may not be what you want for your future.


Right now you’re ready for your next level.  You've got big dreams and goals, but something is holding you back.  


Some fear, some limiting belief, some story that you may not even be aware of is stopping you from getting there.

Anxiety, worry, fear, self doubt.

When those feelings pop up, that’s your subconscious trying to keep you safe!

Self sabotage will continue to...

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6 Things I Do To Work on my Money Mindset!

Working on your money mindset is a lot like going to the gym. Do you have to do it every day? No. But if you do, your results are going to be more noticeable.

I make an effort to work on my mindset every day. I remember when I first started this journey I would hear about all the mindset things people would do and I would think "How do you find the time?!" If that's what you're thinking as you read this email, know the struggle is real! The truth is, I sprinkle them in throughout my day. They are a part of my routine now.

I know others who wake up at 5am and that is their time to focus on them, their mindset, and their dreams. I love that, and even though I'm a morning person, 5am is not an hour I love to see, so I sprinkle.

Here are the 6 things I do (just about) every day to work on my money mindset.

  1. Meditation. I'm a meditater. I love it, it brings me peace, it brings me clarity, it feeds my soul! I love to start my day with meditation, so I meditate as soon as I wake up. When...
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It's Time to Let Go

When we first started riding lessons over four years ago, we were all drawn to the rolling hills, the trees, the open space of the country.  Back then it was a pipe dream.  I loved living in the city, and even if we wanted to move to the country, I assumed we wouldn't be able to afford a farm in the country.

As we started getting more serious about buying a farm and I started looking at properties seriously, everything was out of our price range.  I did the math on how I would pay the mortgage and came up short every time.  

I widened the search, looked in areas I didn't really want to move to, and waited.  

But I was stuck in the How.

How would we pay for the farm?

How would I be able to do the work a farm requires, commute 30+ minutes into the city every day, and raise two kids?

How would I take care of all the buildings?

I thought that I would have to get my business up and running to a point that it could not only replace the salary from my...

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Is your relationship with money holding you back?

Someone came to me recently and asked if I could help them manage their money better. They'd always had challenges with their finances, and 2021 was going to be the year that money didn't hold them back.

Could I help them build a budget? Sure.

Is a budget their problem?


The problem is the limiting beliefs they have around money. The stories from their childhood, the patterns that happen over and over again. Most people aren't aware of them, or if they are, they don't realize just how much those money blocks are holding them back!

In talking to this person they told me when they were a child, their dad would make them feel guilty if they ever asked for money.


Guilt around asking for money. I'm not worthy of receiving money. I don't deserve this money.

Can you see how those emotions and beliefs would affect the actions you take? It will affect everything from asking for money for your services, raising your prices, and getting paid!

We all have limiting...

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