Attract More Abundance into Your Life

So that you can leave behind feelings of scarcity by tapping into the most powerful tool you have!

Feeling stuck?  Like nothing is working out? Hypnosis is the perfect way to use your subconscious mind to shift into your new abundant reality so that money and opportunities are flowing to you.


Every time you listen to this Abundance Attraction Hypnosis you'll notice:

  • Abundance, joy, success and wealth where you may have missed it before
  • Doors opening, where you previously saw walls blocking you
  • Lessons and insight, where you previously saw failure

Meet Erin

Hi!  I'm Erin Krohn. I'm a Money Mindset Coach.   I help six figure entrepreneurs breakthrough to the next income level so that they are swimming in money and opportunities.

Years ago I started a personal development journey after realizing I wasn't loving my life.  Through that journey I found so many tools that resonated with me - meditation, hypnosis, NLP, law of attraction - so I dug in and learned as much as I could.  When I realized how my energy changed when I talked about my new relationship with money, I knew that was the area I could best serve others!  Now I bring all of those tools to my clients, to create change fast at the subconscious level.